When migrating to servers that will assume the IP address of the old server after the migration is complete, the downtime will generally be less than one minute. When the new server has different IP addresses and requires a change in DNS, downtime is limited for the time it takes the DNS change to propagate across the Internet. If DNS propagation time is of concern, you can ask us to lower the DNS TTL (time to live) for all your domains to be 5 minutes at least 24 hours before the switch to the new server is made. This prevents DNS servers on the Internet from caching the DNS for your domains longer than 5 minutes, and the IP change will be seen very quickly after the migration If you ask us to lower the TTL before the migration, be sure to ask us again to raise it to 24 hours after the migration. This is proper Internet etiquette and lowers the amount of DNS queries your server has to perform every day.