We require your company contact information which you provided at sign up. We also need either the server’s root login or alternately you can create our user for us and install our user’s SSH public key to grant us access. In the latter case, we need a way to switch to the root user. If you limit login access via a firewall, you need to whitelist our monitoring and access servers IP address, which will be given to you when you sign up. We also ask for your data centers support login and, if required by them, list our company name or support email address listed as an authorized support contact for you. You do not have to provide this, but then you will become our first point of contact during a server emergency when the server becomes unresponsive. Beyond this, we ask for and recommend you provide us a list of names, email addresses, and phone numbers, including off-hours numbers, of those we can call in a server emergency. We usually use this when we do not have the data center login information, or the login information has been changed without informing us, or when a server has been disconnected from the network due to a security or billing issue.