Assuming you have provided us access to your data centers support console, we log in and first check if there are any open tickets regarding a billing issue or a security incident with the server. For billing issues, we then call the list of emergency contacts you provided us at the time you signed up. For security incidents, we will ask the data center to grant us access to remove the security issue and then put the server back on the network. For the more common server crashes, we will invoke a reboot from the support portal or an external device such as IPMI, iLO, or DRAC. If that is not available or fails, we will ask the data center to reboot the server and, if needed, attach a crash cart to the server to determine what error is preventing the server from restarting. We will continue to work with the data center to get the server back online and functioning normally. It is vital to ensure we have your correct data center contact information on file. If you ever change it, please update us. Otherwise, we need to call your staff during an emergency.