What is your refund policy?

We provide a 30-day money back guarantee on all our services.

Is there any fixed term contract?

Due to the time involved in setting up a server in our server management or server backup service, we do ask that customers stay at least three months.  Nonetheless, you can cancel at any time. Most stay indefinitely. If you only need one-time assistance for an issue or server setup, please contact our sales department for a quote.

How do I change my email address in your portal?

Login to our support portal, and on the upper right menu bar where it says, “Hello”, select Edit Account Details; you can then change the email address. Keep in mind your email address is what you use to login to our portal and that your login will change to the new email address you enter. If you have multiple accounts with us, each must have a unique email address, though you can set up additional contacts for each account with the same email address.

How do I transfer my account to another party?

You can modify all the account information directly in our support portal, including the email address, which serves as your login to the portal. We ask that you let our sales department know so we can send the new account holder the same essential information we sent you on our services, so they are aware of what we do and how to utilize us.

How do we change the credit card we have on file with Server Surgeon?

Log into our support portal. On the top menu bar, click on Billing and select the Manage Credit Card option.

What payment methods do you support?

We support PayPal, credit card, mailed check, and direct bank deposit. For check and direct bank deposit, please contact sales to set that up.

Can I transfer management to a new server?

Yes. Please engage our support to do this, and they will transfer the management to the new server. If your data center login details have changed as well, provide them with that too. If the change is due to migration, we will manage both the old and new servers until the migration is complete at no extra charge.

How do I cancel my services?

You need to open a ticket requesting the cancellation. We will then remove the server from our systems.

Are there any additional fees or setup charges?

No, there are never any additional charges for our server management or server backup services.

Do you charge VAT to customers in the EU?

As we are a US-based company, we do not charge VAT. If you require us to list your VAT number on the invoices you receive from us, please ask and we will add it.